Agility update!

Crow and I attempted another trial this previous weekend, this time two runs at starters standard. No video because my photographer had the flu. :)

Our handling in this trial was SO MUCH better. My efforts over the past few months have really, really paid off. Really. A lot. It’s insane how much more a lot.

This was Crow’s first time running on dirt, and with inadequate exercise before hand, he was a little bit of a maniac. However, he went through the tire happily both times, did a full sized teeter without issue, and actually touched every contact.

Downside: No weaves. Zero. Brain fell out.

So, we’re back to working on weaves a lot, and will work on generalizing. I’m taking a weave/contact specific practice class starting in February. :) And we’re trying another trial on February 17th. We’ll see how that goes. :)

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