His Excellency

Skimbleshanks, our now ten month old Oriental shorthair, has settled in nicely, and continues to show that he’s got four or five cats’ worth of personality shoved into one smallish elegant form. In addition to his obvious nickname (Skimble), he’s also known as little screamy and Our Lord and King.

He’s regally disdainful of the dogs and has decided he will now ignore them while looking down his nose at them. He’s constantly cuddled up with one of the other cats (his furry blankets) for warmth because we do not keep our house warm enough for His Majesty.

And he has THINGS TO SAY. Many things. Loud things. Frequent things. As you can see from the pictures below. :)

You! Minion! Give me the freeze dried chicken now!

Screaming oriental shorthair cat.

Considering his next demand.

Oriental shorthair cat.

He’s certain he requested a household with better minions than this.

Screaming oriental shorthair cat.

Chicken! Now!

Screaming oriental shorthair cat.

I will pay dearly for posting this on the internet. He will kill me in my sleep.

Screaming oriental shorthair cat.

“The greys”, come to harass me for food together.

Oriental shorthair cat and Maine coon.

Life is never boring around here. Never.

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