Happy New Year!

I’m not a huge fan of Resolutions, but I have made some goals for this year. It’ll be interesting to see which ones happen.

1) Stick to an exercise regime to help my back — I have a very weak back with disk issues and should really do some exercises to keep my flexibility and strength.

2) Get Crow’s first agility title (ADC — Agility Dog of Canada) and start preparing Noire for trialling.

3) Teach every parrot in this household one trick. I’ve slacked on parrot training, and I think it’d be good for them and good for me to do something more structured.

4) Continue household goals — a new patio for the backyard, rockwork and more planting for the front yard, more roses, and more painting.

For New Years’ Eve, we had a party with many people who came over. About eight people spent the night, and when I drug myself awake in the morning, they were playing Risk.

And we all know that world domination is relevant to parrot interests, right?

Pineapple demands Central America.

Do you really want to stop her?

Happy New Year!

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