A glimpse into my life…

This will be, as so many of my posts are, a random assortment of images that I’ve collected over the past few weeks.

A little bit of beauty to start, a side effect of one of my many hobbies: gardening.

a picture of roses

Our first snowfall of the year.

three shrubs covered in snow

Your fearless author and Skimbleshanks, the Oriental shorthair kitten.

Stephanie and Skimble

Little Chipotle, coming along. This was the first time he crawled out of his new cage by himself and hung out on top. He’s working on growing in new primaries, so hopefully at some point in the nearish future, he can fly.

Crimson bellied conure on cage.

Tea is as breathtaking as usual.

Sun conure on perch

Anisette’s focus is on the evil lovebird in the background.

Cinnamon turquoise green cheek conure on colored perch.

It’s okay, Pineapple doesn’t care.

Lutino lovebird eating seeds.

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